Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork and EKG

​We offer preoperative EKG's and blood work so that the patient's over-all health can be assessed before surgery in an effort to tailor the anesthetic protocol to the individual patient to minimize anesthetic risk.

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Small Animal Surgical Services

Orthopedic Surgery

We have the technology and skills to perform multiple orthopedic surgeries including, but not limited to: fractures, knee surgeries, hip surgeries, bone cancer surgeries.

We have bone plating equipment and Digital Radiography. 

Sterile Surgical Suite

Whether it is an elective neuter surgery, knee surgery, or emergency soft tissue surgery, all surgeries are performed in our sterile surgical suite with gas anesthesia and monitoring equipment for maximum patient safety.

The Animal Center offers a full list of surgical services.
Both elective and emergency procedures are performed using state of the art equipment to prevent infection and post-operative complications.

Video Otoscopic Surgery

The small hook looking bone above is the malleus bone. It is one of 3 tiny bones in the ear drum that helps send the signals to the brain for sound recognition.
This image is brought to you compliments of The Animal Center's video otoscope. With this machine we can remove foreign objects or perform surgery deep in the ear canal without cutting it open.

Spay and Neuters

We recommend spaying and neutering your pet around 4 months of age for optimum health of your animal. Intact females often develop serious and negative health effects later in life, and males will often develop negative behavioral issues if left intact. We always recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork and EKG before surgery for maximum patient safety.