3. Annual Heartworm Testing and Prevention

            Heartworms are a different kind of worm. They live in the right side of the heart of infected dogs and cats. Their presence in the right side of the heart creates blockages and out flow obstructions for the vessels leaving the heart. 
             The interesting thing about heartworms is that they are only transmitted by mosquitos. The adult worms sexually reproduce and when a mosquito feeds on the blood they ingest the microscopic baby worms. The worms mature in the mosquito and when it feeds on an uninfected dog or cat it injects the baby worms into the uninfected animal. If the blood is transferred via a needle or fight, the worms will not cause infection.


​​Because of this fact, the heartworm preventative only needs to be given when mosquitos are active ( May 1 to Dec 1 in Alliance, Nebraska). Testing needs to be done annually before the preventative medicine is administered. If the preventative is administered to an infected animal it may cause the adult worms to die too fast and create a heart attack resulting in death. Please contact The Animal Center for more information or look on the Heartworm society's home page.

2. Bi-Annual Fecal Analysis

            Dogs and cats infected with worms may sometimes look very sick, but they may occasionally look normal. Biannual testing for worms can provide early detection and treatment. Because worms can be passed on to people it is also very important to test your pets in order to prevent human exposure to this ZOONOTIC disease. Children are especially susceptible because they SHARE so many things with pets.                               

While we are equipped to deal with all kinds of medical emergencies here at The Animal Center, our number one focus is preventing problems before they happen.

Complete annual physical exams, current vaccinations, fecal-worm tests, good nutrition, good dental health and heartworm prevention are some of the cornerstones for maintaining a healthy happy pet.

4. Proper Nutrition

            High quality nutrition is also extremely important in maintaining a healthy body. The quality of the pet food you buy will have a dramatic effect on the over all look and health of your animal. The quality of food will affect the energy his or her body has to maintain a shiny hair coat, healthy skin, immune system, and all of the other major body functions. We recommend Hill's Science Diet and carry a wide variety of food options for the age and stage of your beloved pet.

Preventative Medicine

For optimum wellness follow our 4-point plan

1. Annual Physical Examination and Vaccination
            Many times the key to treating a problem is early detection. Annual exams allow minor symptoms to be detected and treated before full blown disease occurs. The strength of the immune system also prevents disease. Keeping the vaccinations of an animal current helps to stimulate a strong immune system.