The exam room (right) is where we perform routine vaccinations, general exams, and collect samples for testing. The exam room is also equipped with a video otoscope and other instruments for treating minor ear, eye, etc. infections or problems.

The laboratory/ pharmacy (left) has many machines used to analyze blood, urine, and fecal samples in order to get fast accurate data about a critical patient in as quickly as 10 minutes.

This area is also where most of the prescription drugs are dispensed from.

On the south side of the reception and waiting area we have an over the counter pharmacy stocked with large and small animal products.

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Surgical prep area (right) is where all of the hospital laundry is processed and the surgical packs are autoclaved for sterile surgery.

This is a spacious room that connects to the treatment area for ease of observation and care.

The reception area offers an abundance of natural light, with different seating areas and a lot of counter space to allow for adequate "elbow room" for waiting clients and pets.

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