My pet’s medication:My vet or online?

Internet mail-order companies have become numerous, with television and online ads promoting big savings and convenience.

Before you purchase medications from a source other than your veterinarian, you may want to consider these issues: 

  • Knowledge
    • As your veterinarian, your pets health is our primary goal. You can be assured that we will prescribe, administer and monitor the proper medications to achieve that goal. 
  • Safety
    • With any pharmaceutical, it is critical to know that it is safe – and necessary- for your pet.Heartworm preventative, for example, could be fatal if given to a dog with active heartworm infection.Screening for the infection prior to starting the medication is a necessity.
  • Monitoring and Dosage
    • Certain medications require monitoring and follow-up care, dosage adjustments, or continued lab tests or examinations.This helps to assure that an effective dose is being administered and prevents the unfortunate possibility of an adverse reaction.
  • Cats and Dogs are Different
    • Medications specifically designed for cats or dogs are NOT interchangeable.For instance, many commonly used canine flea medications can be fatal if given to cats.
  • Handling and Storage
    • Pharmaceuticals must be kept in a controlled environment to preserve their effectiveness.You can be sure that medications obtained from our veterinary pharmacy have been stored properly and have not been affected by the shipping process.
  • Cost
    • Though the online pharmacies or mail-order companies often promote big savings over your veterinarian, this is most often not the case. The prescriptionmedications in our pharmacy are priced at or below the cost of the same drug through another source.

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