Equine Dentistry


   The practice of veterinary medicine with regards to equine dentistry has greatly evolved over the last decade. The need for routine dental care is widely accepted by most equine owners and equine veterinarians. Preventative care including vaccinations, parasite control, good husbandry (including quality feed and housing), and equine dentistry are contributing to the modern horse living longer, healthier lives.

   Some misconceptions with respect to equine dentistry still exist by some equine owners and practitioners. One misconception is that horses will show outward symptoms when they are in need of dental care (such as weight loss, nasal discharge, not accepting the bit or odor). These clinical signs may lead to beginning a physical exam in the mouth, however, many infer that if their horse does not show any of these outward signs then it does not require dentistry. Unfortunately this is not the case.

   Our goal at The Animal Center is to provide a service based on preventative care. Routine, thorough equine dental exams and dental equilibration can prevent a variety of conditions and provide a healthier horse more ability to perform his or her job. Dental exams should begin in the first year of life (to extract wolfe teeth and attempt to correct conformational abnormalities such as a parrot mouth) and continue throughout their life.

   With our modern speculums and power floats we can level and fine tune your horse's mouth in no time. We remove 
Wolfe Teeth as well. Below is a picture of a leveled well balance horse mouth!